If you are not a fan of the New England Patriots or Philadelphia Eagles, well then this Super Bowl may not be the most enjoyable for you.

Now, it is no secret that these two teams are not exactly the public's favorite, but honestly....my issue with the Eagles goes far beyond the football field.

I have absolutely nothing against the team itself. My issue is with their fans because of the stories that I read and the interactions I have had always leave me angry because winning football does not give you the right to do whatever you please.

Don't believe me?

Look at a few news stories that all surround one group....EAGLES FANS. And some of the stories are atrocious.

Vikings Fans Taunted By Eagles Fans At The Game - I do understand some friendly busting of chops for those who are supporting their team at an away game. But draw the line please! 

Fans Behaving Badly: Pats, Eagles bring out worst in fans"Vikings hats were swiped off [of fans'] heads and tossed into urinals." There is a huge line drawn in the sand between having a competitive nature and crossing the line of being beyond disrespectful.

Fight Breaks Out Between Eagles and Vikings Fans - So now people have to worry that if they are not on home game territory that their safety is in jeopardy?

Eagles Fans Can’t Stop Punching Police Horses -  Um, are you kidding? Not sure if you saw the one shirtless fan being dragged away dripping in blood but yea....that happened and apparently has continued to. Leave the horse that is just there to do as their owner says alone.

Now these are just a few of the articles that I found or have stumbled across while on social media and news outlets.

Eagles fans, we don't hate you because you win. We hate you because of how you act. So clean it up for the good of us all.

Thank you.

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