The 42nd season of Survivor kicks off TONIGHT, March 9th  at 8:00 PM on CBS and the Jersey Shore will be well represented.

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Introducing Lindsay Dolashewich, a born-and-raised Jersey girl from Asbury Park who will be a contestant on Survivor 42 and competing for the $1,000,000 prize.

She's competitive. She's spunky. She's sassy.

And based on what she's told me, I would say she has a pretty good shot at making it far in the fierce competition.

I was lucky enough to speak with Lindsay before the big premiere tonight and there is a lot you should know before tuning in.

Here we go!


  • 1

    Why Be On Survivor?

  • 2

    Lindsay's Insane Survivor Preparation

  • 3

    Lindsay's Worst Quality

  • 4

    Will The Jersey Spunk Help or Hurt?

  • 5

    What Was It Like Meeting Jeff Probst?

  • 6

    What Did Lindsay Eat When She Returned?

  • 7

    Lindsay's Favorite Jersey Shore Spots

  • 8

    Lindsay's Message For New Jersey

  • 9

    It's Not Pork Roll. It's Not Taylor Ham. It's...

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