What a tragedy that Lisa Marie Presley is gone.  Her three daughters that survive her, Riley, Finley, and Harper have just officially inherited Graceland which is the inheritance that keeps on providing.  Wait until you learn how much...

Fans Gather Outside Graceland To Pay Their Respects To Lisa Marie Presley
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If only those walls could talk.  Of course, Elvis lived there with his parents and also sadly died there.  At that point, Lisa Marie inherited the Tennessee mansion and an additional $100 Million dollars. 

It's always risky when I do math but here it goes.  Lisa Marie had Graceland under her official ownership since she was 25 years old.  Graceland brings in 10 Million dollars per year.  Lisa Marie passed away at age 54. So for those 29 years, she brought in her share of 290 Million dollars on top of her initial 100 Million.

Talk about ROI, Elvis originally bought Graceland for 100K back in 1957.

The Presley estate is upwards of 500 Million and it earns more daily.  

If you want to tour the home of course that is a very popular thing to do, but did you know you can actually sleep overnight there?  Yep, that’s a thing. 

There will be one more memory made there because the Presley family announced that a public memorial will be held there on Jan 22 and then she will be buried next to her Dad and late son Benjamin.  

Have you ever been to Graceland?  Here are a few images:

The Pool Room Photo credit Getty Images
Graceland Pool Room Photo credit Getty Images
Graceland Dining Room Photo credit: Getty Images
Graceland Dining Room Photo credit: Getty Images
Graceland The Jungle Room Photo credit: Getty Images
Graceland  Photo credit: Getty Images

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