Before you get too sad about summer 2018's end, remember, what many Jersey Shore residents consider the best part of summer has only just begun.

While the rest of the tri-state area and the world wake up this morning with the belief that this summer has come to an end, we here at the Jersey Shore know that our summer has just begun.

That's right, it's local summer here at the Jersey Shore. Aah yes. That glorious time of year has arrived. If you're new to the area, you may be wondering what this local summer thing is all about.

Well, here are the bullet points. If all goes as planned over the next three weeks, several things will happen. First and foremost, local residents get a little breathing room. Less traffic on the roads and less crowds at our favorite spots means we get a chance to enjoy the Jersey Shore for ourselves.

Add weather with less humidity and heat to the abundance of parking, lack of traffic jams and general room to move, and you have the makings of a wonderful time of year here at the Shore.

So, wipe away those tears Jersey Shore summer lovers, and rejoice. Local summer is here! So enjoy every minute because before you know it, we'll be singing a bout Santa and all his reindeer. Come on, you know it's true!

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