It is the peak season for deer here at the Jersey Shore and for all of New Jersey for that matter. Between dusk and dawn through October and November.

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You probably have seen the signs and notifications around the area, but now is the time when we really have to keep our eyes out for deer on New Jersey roadways.

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I live in Southern Ocean County and we have a high number of deer in our area. In fact, we have deer in our neighborhood and we will often have them in our driveway and on our lawn.  One time I was going to my backyard to get my trash to put out and all of a sudden a charging deer came running at me, I ducted and he went flying into the woods, but I almost got run over by a deer!

One season we had a deer give birth and leave her fawn on our front lawn. We did as recommended...we left the fawn alone and within a day or so Mom deer came back and took her baby off with her.

I bring up our encounters with deer because now is the time to be extra cautious. When I leave for work at 3 am I often see many along the roadway. I use caution and drive with care, especially along dark wooded roadways. I use the center lane on the Garden State Parkway to give myself a buffer from the deer along the side of the roadway.

I find that I see the most deer overnight on clear evenings when the weather is dry....


Shawn Michaels


I do not want to hurt the deer anymore than they want to get in our way, so being cautious and NOT DISTRACTED can help keep us safe on Jersey Shore roadways. If you are observant, hopefully, you can have time to navigate and react to a deer popping up. Of course, there are times unfortunately when a deer will just run into traffic and there is no avoiding a collision. Let's hope this deer season we won't see any horrible accidents.

Be safe and keep an eye out to keep your family out of harm's way as deer are out and about for several more weeks.


Shawn Michaels


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