We have been having so much fun all week in our 'friendly' competition to see who WINS.

Today's game was a fun one, and, even more fun, I got to be the emcee and Lou and Nancy challenged each other. I gotta say...they were pretty evenly matched in this one, with Lou winning one round and Nancy taking the other.

This is a fun game for both adults and children. Speedy Recall is played by turning over a letter card and a clue...then the first person who comes up with a word that fits the clue and starts with that letter wins a point.

This is a fun party game, and was really funny whenever Lou lost a point to Nancy, lol!

But, overall, I'd have to say that Lou was the overall winner of the week. And if I didn't say that, Lou would find a way to prove he had been the overall winner anyway, lol!

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