Where were Lou & Liz spotted this time?

If you have been listening to our morning show, then you may have heard the person in this photo call in and have a chat with us after we added our autograph to her amazing place.

Hint #1: We autographed a drum stick (as in percussion, not chicken, lol.)

(Photo by Liz Jeressi)

Hint #2: We were in Asbury Park

Hint #3: This incredible (and yes, blue) cake was as delicious as everything else we tasted there!

(This was the confection of the day and it was amazing! Photo by Ben Fig)

Soooooooooooo.….where were we?

Confections of a Rock$tar on Cookman Ave! It's an amazing bakery with some of the most delicious cakes and cookies you could ever imagine, owned by the incredible Kimmee Masi, pictured here with us!

We hung out there for dessert and yes, autographed a drum stick, which you can search for the next time you're in there (you won't find this one-of-a-kind autograph anywhere else...because there is a whole story that you may have heard on the air about how we fought over that drum stick, LOL!.)