One day recently I was in Asbury Park for a concert in the park at the end of Cookman Ave. I needed a bottle of water and walked inside the first business I thought would sell water bottles...and entered a world of rock and roll!

I hadn't expected to see the insane amount of memorabilia, music decor, and....well...some of the most mouth-watering baked goods I had ever come across!

I am talking about Confections of a Rock$tar Bakery. They have been open for a few years now and are well known for their amazing cupcakes, with names like "oREO Speedwagon, Sweet Emotion, R'Asbury Park, S'more than a Feeling, and EX's and Dough's....

...but they also have awesome Macarons, crumb buns, cookies...and even doggie treats! AND they have sugar-free and vegan options.

What a great place to stop for an after-dinner treat, or just to have some fun with your family. The atmosphere is such fun!

This incredible gourmet rock n' roll-themed bakery was thought up by Kimmie who used to be a rock musician but grew up in her dad's bakery (Vincent's Cookie Cupboard in Freehold.) She was equally versed in performing in bands and at culinary school. Now she bakes from scratch every day to everyone's delight.

Confections of a Rock$tar also has a charity called "More Famous Than You" and is changing lives one dessert at a time. CLICK HERE to find out how rock stars are  getting involved!

(photo by Liz Jeressi)
(photo by Liz Jeressi)

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