If you're strolling the Jenkinson's Boardwalk and you stop at the northern end to watch the boats go by, then you may see this colorful sight.

(Photo by Liz Jeressi)
(Photo by Liz Jeressi)

In case you weren't aware of the this ancient custom, 'love locks' are a symbol of love and commitment. Believed to be started in China, a lock is put on a gate, chain, fence, or bridge, and then you lock it and throw away the key to symbolize your everlasting love for someone.

You can see these love locks in cities around the world (I've seen them on travel TV shows) but I never saw a spot locally that carried on this tradition until I came across the locks near the inlet. From what some of the locals say, it's been going on there for a while now.

The locks are also supposed to be a sign of commitment, and BOTH lovers are supposed to be there as the lock is locked, according to lore, or else the love will be jinxed!

And most times the locks have been written on with marker or nail polish or paint with the names or initials of the lovers.

So in honor of the one you love this Valentine's Day, maybe this little romantic gesture as the two of you watch the boats go by at the inlet will bring you even closer to each other.**

** I don't know if love locks are sanctioned by Jenkinson's or Point Pleasant Beach.

Do you know of other locations in our area where there are love locks?

Some bridges overseas have literally been overtaken with love locks. CLICK HERE to see.


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