If the weather cooperates tonight, we should have a great view of the lunar eclipse!

lunar eclipse
Phil Walter/Getty Images

At around 7:40 tonight, Earth will pass between the Moon and Sun, and what would normally be a full moon, will be slightly darkened by the Earth's shadow.

We should have mostly clear skies tonight, and a low between 50-55°, which makes for pretty good viewing conditions.

Unfortunately this sky show won't be as spectacular as a lunar eclipse can sometimes be, as it will only be a partial shadow (a penumbral eclipse, for you technical types.) Unlike the total lunar eclipse pictured above, tonight's moon may only appear slightly darkened, but regardless, it's a cool thing to see.

You can look directly at a lunar eclipse, and you can expect it to last for a few hours.

This is the last lunar eclipse of the year, with the next one happening on April 15, 2014.

Grab a sweatshirt and enjoy the show!

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