So far, 2021 is turning out to be a special year for sky watchers all over. March is also shaping up to be a great month for astronomy lovers. The month will feature a full Worm Moon and the much anticipated spring equinox.

The month of March kicks off with a stunning view of the red planet according to a report from Forbes. Every night, through the first week of March, you'll be able to see Mars move through star constellations of Taurus, the Bull.

The best view of Mars will happen when the planet appears below the open star cluster of Pleiades. This will be the closest Mars will get to the cluster since January 1991. We'd have to wait until February 2038 for Mars to get that close again, according to the website The Guardian.

The planets Jupiter and Mercury will also appear in conjunction on March 5th. The best chance of seeing Jupiter and Mercury so close together will be on Friday morning, March 5th.

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March will also feature a full Worm Moon at the end of the month. The first full moon of spring gets its name due to the fact that earthworms will appear in the warm soil to start the spring season. The Full Worm Moon will be at its peak over the South Jersey sky on Sunday, March 28th at 3:50 PM

Speaking of spring, the spring equinox will happen on Saturday, March 20th at 5:37 AM.


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