Madagascar 3

Madagascar 3 had a huge weekend at the box office, grabbing $59 million and the top spot . Prometheus finished at #2 with an impressive $49 million. Snow White and the Huntsman finished third and Men In Black 3 dropped to #4 with only $14 million this weekend.

As for my prediction for the movies this weekend , I have never been so right and so wrong at the same time. I picked Madascar to top the box office, but I thought it would bring in $84 million. Not bad, I only missed by $25 million dollars. That's about as wrong as  you can be while still being right.

I will try to shake off that slight miss to make a prediction for next weekend. The two big movies opening this weekend are Rock of Ages with Tom Cruise and Adam Sandler's That's My Boy. This one won't be close. It's Tom Cruise all the way.

My prediction: Rock of Ages #1 with $63 million.

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