Dana Calvo is the creator and co-executive producer of the new CBS drama Made In Jersey, and she's from the Garden State, so she promises the show won't feature some of the New Jersey stereotypes you might see on Jersey Shore or Real Housewives of New Jersey.The show is a legal drama set in New York about a lawyer from New Jersey who uses her street smarts to succeed. Made In Jersey debuts in the fall(Friday nights at 9am), and has the tough task of replacing the long running CSI:Miami

According to deadline.com, Calvo says  the show is "sort of a valentine to a state that I don't think gets a lot of good press".

I am looking forward to any show that has the courage to do a show about New Jersey without the use  of the tired, uncreative, stereotypical jokes that just aren't funny anymore. I haven't seen the show yet, but if it's what Dana Calvo says it is, then it will be a refreshing change for all of us in New Jersey!

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