Target is rolling out something new that may change your shopping habits.

The Targ is launching a new private brand food and beverage brand with over 2,000 items. It will be called 'Good & Gather,' and the first 650 food products will be available in stores on September 15. Another 2,000 will be on shelves by the end of 2020. You'll be able to spot them with a signature 'g' on the label.

Just some of the new items will include salads, cheese, granola, sparkling water, deli foods, fruit squeezers, frozen fruit, fresh vegetables, chips, and nutrition bars.

If you enjoy Target's Archer Farms, Simply Balanced, or Market Pantry brands, you better stock up now. With the arrival of the 'Good & Gather' products will be a phase-out of those three brands.

What's so great about this new brand? Target execs are saying that this line will be made without artificial flavors, sweeteners, synthetic colors or high-fructose corn syrup.

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