Where do you fall on the issue of keeping stores open on the holidays?  Do you want the convenience of grabbing that last minute ingredient or gift the day of or do you feel like employees have a right to be home with their families on the holidays too?

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My husband is a retail manager so you can guess where I fall on the subject.  Now that it is officially fall, Thanksgiving and holiday shopping season is right around the corner.  I did some digging and found out what big box stores are going to be closed on Thanksgiving this year and which ones will still be open.

Last year just about every store was closed to the pandemic. Online shopping or delivery services were encouraged but now that vaccines are dong their thing I was wondering, are we going to over-compensate? Are more major retailers going to be open on Thanksgiving to make up for lost time?

It turns out many stores will remain closed on Thanksgiving in 2021 but not all of them...I put together this list for you (I'll add to it as I hear of more).

Here are some major retailers and where they stand of staying open or closed for Thanksgiving 2021:

Major Retailers In New Jersey: Open or Closed For Thanksgiving 2021

Do you want the ease of knowing that you can get a forgotten ingredient or gift the day of a holiday or do you believe that retail workers have the right to be home with their loved ones on the holidays? Here is a list of the stores that will be open or committed to close for Thanksgiving 2021.

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