Valentine's Day is approaching and if you're strapped for cash look no further than the "free" section of the Jersey Shore "for sale" page on Craigslist. The best part is that the personals are only a click away because if you actually gift any of these things, you'll be looking for love.

500 ft. of Laminate Flooring


Nothing says "I love you" more than hundreds of feet of hideous fake flooring.

Used Treadmill


Don't even think about it. That being said, the motor doesn't work so this would be perfect for draping your clothes over!

Laundry Hamper


Bad idea. You may send the wrong message.

T-Mobile Scarf


Who needs a $400 Burberry scarf when this pink and black cellular provider accessory can keep you warm? The love of your life will get to celebrate "T-Mobile Tuesdays" every day, all winter long!

"A Few Blender Tops With Blades"


That is the actual headline on Craiglist. Think about it. The two of you could make Valentine's Day milkshakes with these blender tops from circa 2002, recently found in a dark corner of a garage. It's the gift that keeps giving because if you use them along with the rusty blades, you'll also get a romantic trip for two to the ER!

Happy Valentine's Day!