Today is the day we can make a difference. But not everybody feels that way.

We often hear the words "voter turnout expected to be low" when elections roll around and there are a thousand reasons. Poor weather keeps people away from the polls. Plus we all have 75 things to do each day, so busy schedules inevitably affect turnout.

I've spoken with people recently who say they don't bother because they don't truly believe their vote will matter. It's true that everywhere you turn, there are reports of your candidate being well ahead or behind and many times you may feel like one vote can't change the course of the election.

Then there are others who don't feel confident enough that they have enough info to cast their vote. Aside from the high profile candidate and issues, it's hard to keep up on everything that's going on in the world.

And there are those people who simply don't vote if it's not a presidential election. All the hype of that run for the White House is what ultimately draws them to the voting booth.