Who is ready for the big return of those Nabisco Mallomar Cookies!?!??!

And why wouldn't you be? It is a marshmallow covered in chocolate with a graham cracker crust: aka the winter-version of a smore!

And can you believe this cookie is more than 100 years old?! But it makes sense that they have lasted this long because of how popular they are.

So if you are a fan, I have great news!

Jersey Shore grocery stores are selling Mallomars for just $.99 per box!

The picture you see above was taken at the Shoprite on Route 37 in Toms River but there is no way they are the only grocery store offering this amazing deal.

You will have to track down the right coupons but once you find it, stock up because this delicious treat is usually only considered "in season" from September through March.

(FYI: The coupon for Shoprite expires tomorrow but being that these cookies JUST went in season, we are almost positive that other coupons will soon start circulating) 

The reasoning is because grocery stores did not want the chocolate to melt while being transported in the hot trucks way back when.

Now we do have the capability of using "chilled trucks" but you get the idea.

Millions of boxes are sold each year. Will you buy one?

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