A married couple in Manalapan scored pretty big, actually HUGE, when playing the 100X The Bucks scratch-off lottery game this past Monday.

Graling and Carol H. won a whopping $2 million dollars earlier this week when playing their scratch off lottery ticket. Now, luckily for you regular lottery participators, they do play regularly so it was not one of those lucky one-and-dones that so many of us hate.

To be honest, when you get to know them a bit you will probably be pretty happy for them. The couple plans on using the money to put their five kids through college and other household bills.

I am proud that they plan on being responsible adults (ew!), but I do hope they go out for one heck of a celebratory dinner before sitting back and getting down to business. I am talking lobster, filet mignon, and one of each dessert baby!

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