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It's a dream many of us have had, you walk into an Atlantic City casino and put a small wager on something and then it hits and it hits for a million dollars! WOW does this thing really happen or is that just for the movies lol

Well ask Frank from Monmouth Junction, Frank cast a small wager, five dollars, on a progressive poker game at the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City  and it hit! for over a million dollars! That sounds like a movie to me, but congratulations to the Jersey Shore's latest millionaire and Frank your buying breakfast lol

Look how calm and composed Frank looks. What would YOU do if you won over a million dollars? Is travel an option in these days of the Coronavirus Pandemic? Honestly, the first thing April and I would do is pay off the mortgage. Have our house paid and making it that much easier for us as we grow older and want the security. We would not buy a big house, don't want the responsibility of a big empty house. We would rather see the world and maybe buy a cute condo in California to use when we visit the kids.

We've always flirted with the idea of getting a small RV and driving and seeing America, so that might definitely be on the table for future consideration. We watch a lot of RV folks on youtube and enjoy the lifestyle they have just hitting the open road and staying in beautiful parks .... nature's casino :)

Let us know what YOU would do if you won a million dollars and congratulations to Frank from Monmouth Junction, Monmouth County....Enjoy Frank! 



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