The Powerball has been top of mind for everyone.

That record setting jackpot had my family and I talking. We made it a game.

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Let's say you win the jackpot, all of the taxes are taken out, the legal process is complete and the money is now in your account and at your disposal. What is your first major purchase going to be?

Powerball ticket
Powerball ticket (Dan Alexander, Towsquare Media)

First, I would buy a house in full so I have no mortgage. Then I would pay off my car. Lastly, I am going on the vacation of a lifetime which might include staying in those huts on the water in Bali.

What would you do first? You think on that one.

The most recent jackpot one was a record setter coming in at just over $2 billion dollars. Spoiler alert: It was won out in California, of course.

You ever notice that those humongous winners are never in New Jersey?

Powerball card
Powerball card (Dan Alexander, Townsquare Media NJ)

I am not sure why either, but the information I have for you might help.

According to, there are a few numbers that have been drawn for the Powerball more than the rest.

There are five numbers total of the 69 white balls that seem to be luckier than most, according to

Any guesses on which numbers those might be?

And would you take it all at once or set up a payment plan for years?

Let me show the top 5 most drawn numbers for the Powerball according to and hopefully we can score a huge win in New Jersey!

New Jersey, We Need A Win! Most Commonly Drawn Numbers For The Powerball Jackpot

New Jersey: we've had some good wins for the Powerball. But a majority of the time, the major jackpots wins are not in the Garden State. Let's try and fix that. 

Just keep these numbers in the back of your head and maybe pick these next time you're going to buy your numbers.

Good luck,  New Jersey!

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