Everyone...and I mean EVERYONE...is buzzing about the Mega Millions jackpot, and rightfully so!

The jackpot is up to $1.6 billion which is a pretty nice take home if you ask me.

Now yes, this type of game definitely relies on luck but there are things that you can do to try and put the odds in your favor.

Buy A Ticket

Yes, it seems simple but there are a lot of pessimistic people who put themselves out of the running by assuming that they will never win. To even have a chance, you must make the legendary purchase.

Use Important Numbers

Why not put a bit more trust in those numbers that you always resort to whenever it is time to pick? It doesn't even necessarily have to be your lucky numbers but ones that are important in your life. I have three sisters, my parents house number is 25, and I am 26. Do you see where I am going with it?

Be Positive

Attitude is everything! And if you are going to be miserable at the game you may as well quit now.

Enter Work Pools

You want to enter in as many different places as you can afford to just to increase your chances. I know, the work pool would mean that you have to split it with other people but we are talking about a massive amount of money that I doubt you would even know the difference.

If You Win, Keep It Quiet

You don't say a word until you get that ticket turned in. If that little piece of paper happens to go missing, then that money just slipped between your fingers.

Now buy your tickets because the next drawing is TONIGHT! Good luck!

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