A recent study found that many people are willing to settle, or stay in a bad relationship rather than being single.

The study, which was co-authored by a  professor at the University of Toronto's department of psychology, polled 126 women and 27 men, according to cbsnews.com, found that nearly 2 in 5 didn't have a fear of being alone, with about one in eight enjoying the good and bad of single life.

However, the research also discovered that over 18% polled said they were concerned about "spinsterhood" and a little over 1 in 20 young people surveyed said they were afraid to grow old alone.

Experts say that it's this fear that is leading some to be a little less selective about choosing partners, and in many cases may settle or even stay in a bad relationship just so they aren't alone.

And of course, with the holiday season upon us, the pressure certainly mounts for people to feel like they need to be in a relationship.




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