Looking for a new way to decorate your Easter eggs?

Well I came across a rather simple but hands-on way for you to marble your Easter eggs so while egg hunting, you are looking for some pretty unique designs.

Check out my special guest, G and I show you how to marble the eggs below!

What You Will Need:

- Eggs
- Food-friendly color dye
- Sticks
- Shaving Cream
- Vinegar
- Napkins/ Plates


1. Let your eggs soak in vinegar so the color will pop and stay on the shell that much longer
2. Spread shaving cream to cover the entire surface of two paper plates and use your sticks to smooth the top
3. Take two food dye colors for each plates and drip droplets scattered across the entire area covered with shaving cream (don't put two complementary colors together or you will get a brown color)
4. Run your sticks through the droplets of dye so the colors are mixed together all over the plate
5. Take your vinegar-soaked eggs and roll them around in one of the plates of shaving cream and color dye
6. Let your eggs dry for 20 min
7. Dip your eggs in water and pat them off for your beautiful eggs

Happy Easter. If you give this recipe a try, take a picture and comment below!

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