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March Madness just became more fun!  Lou and I have been asking for your help in creating our Elite List of hot celebrity were all so passionate about who made the list, I had to break the rules and make it our Elite 11 (it's my lucky number anyway) and we've been narrowing it down ever since.  Now here comes the fun part!  We need you all to vote for your favorite!  The top three contenders have hung on with both hands...who is your favorite?  I'm really impressed with your picks overall and I'm super excited to see who gets the crown.  Ultimately, I trust your judgement Jersey Shore!  Without further ado here is your top 3!!!!!!!!!!!  Way to go Kim, Lisa and Joanie your guys made it to the top 3!

To get a tried and true winner we need to share this post with all your girlfriends and let them vote too!  Even my 16 year old daughter, Bella is getting in on the vote.  As always, we would LOVE to get a call from you during the all new Jersey Shore Morning Show with Lou and me!  Call us anytime at 732-643-0943 to voice your opinion about the Jersey Shore Elite List or any other topic we cover!  You can also email me  Thanks again for your great work here Jersey Shore... by the way is it basketball season yet? ;-)

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