We are dealing with some really bad March weather this year, but March snow storms are nothing new In New Jersey.

While we are dealing with a bad and wintry forecast again this week at the Jersey Shore, it's not unprecedented. Here's a look at some other March snow events that affected the Garden State and the Jersey Shore, according to nj.com.

There was a storm that hit New Jersey this week in 1958 (March 18th - 21st) that walloped parts of the state with up to 20 inches of snow. (The Shore got 4-10 inches and Sussex County got about 30 inches).

And then there was one you might remember. it was back in 1993 (March 12th - 14th), an extreme snowstorm dropped anywhere from 10 to 20 inches of snow on half of the state.

And there was also the storm from early March 2009, and people at the Shore remember this one, because many of us dealt with nearly 20 inches of snow.

So, it's clear that March snow does happen. That's not in question. But that doesn't mean we have to like it. We have the right to think that after a cold winter, the beginning of spring should be a time when the weather is getting better.

And that's just not happening. There's always April.

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