Marijuana is legalized and decriminalized in the Garden State!!!

*Quick happy dance*


But here is something I was kind of surprised to see after the fact....there are a lot of people who are trying to get this decision overturned.

Ummmmmm....excuse me, pardon me?

Not only that, but I have heard a lot of people outwardly say that they don't want to see Marijuana dispensaries set up in their town once things get going.

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Having marijuana stores AT the Jersey Shore will regulate the product and this set up will allow it to be taxed.

Whenever things are taxed, that means there is more money pouring into the state's budget which can be used for our schools, road maintenance and overall town renovations.

Guess who benefits from all that? EVERYONE.

If our town looks prettier, it will be a larger draw for tourists which we NEED to help kick start the economy after this joke of a year we have had.

Not to mention, property values will go up because the Jersey Shore will be turned into an even more desired destination. Everyone will want to buy and rent here that much more.

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And in a perfect world -- if the state makes more tax dollars from marijuana sales, could that mean that NJ residents will be given a break?

Plus, Marijuana is going to be treated very similarly to alcohol. The legal age to purchase is 21, you cannot smoke up wherever you want and you can be given a DUI if caught driving while under the influence.

I personally have seen alcohol do worse things to people than weed.

I also decided to take this question to MY Facebook Page to see what people had to say.

"I am for marijuana sales in Howell. It needs to be regulated because when it is not, THAT is when it is dangerous," explained Stephanie when she called into 94.3 The Point. "I guess some people are old school but change is upon us."

"More weed tax money = less taxes for the rest of us. Let’s go!!!" - Jason Granet
"No, I don't want it sold in my town. It should only be sold by quality license dealers,  and only in destination areas. Not near schools. I think marijuana should be treated like alcohol and the same applies with rules regarding smoking. Edibles are ok on the beach or at events." - Rob Brooklyn
"Marijuana sales are double taxed in Mass. Yes I would welcome it in my town .👍 " -Buddy Jenssen
So.....where do you stand on this topic?

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