I am going to start this post off with a personal story.

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Last April, my friend and I were taking our dogs for a walk down the beach in Lavallette.

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We suddenly noticed a crowd gathering near the water and lone behold, it was because a seal was spotted resting on the beach.

People with dogs were inching closer and closer and my heart was pounding knowing what I know.

One woman in particular was holding a small white dog on a leash as she got within one foot of the seal. She got within inches and waved to the seal.

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The seal waved back.

The crowd laughed and clapped and then police came just in time to force the crowd to vacate the seal's space.

Little fun fact: This woman is very lucky that this encounter did not end in catastrophe.

According to News12.com, marine experts in New Jersey are speaking out with an urgent warning for New Jersey residents, specifically those with pets.


You are going to want to take a look at this urgent warning sent out by The Marine Mammal Stranding Center because if you don't listen, you could be fined a buttload of money.

The choice is yours:

See A Stranded Seal? Experts Share Urgent Warning To New Jersey Pet Owners

Marine experts are speaking out to New Jersey residents and pet owners - do not approach a seal if you see one stranded on the beach.

I hope you take this warning seriously because if not, your wallet and the health of you and your pet could be at serious risk.

FYI: This is what those seal signs look like if you are looking to post them on our Jersey Shore beaches to help raise awareness.

Reach out to the Marine Mammal Stranding Center for signs of your own!

Stay safe and healthy out there so we can all have a Summer we will never forget.

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