Her love for Ocean Grove knows no bounds and Charlotte captured this amazing photo over the weekend.

(Photo by Charlotte Pritchard)

Charlotte Pritchard says this seal waddled ashore under the pier in Ocean Grove around 2:45 pm, "...immediately drawing a group of fascinated, socially-distanced, mostly masked onlookers."

The seal was gone by 4:15. Charlotte says the Marine Mammal Stranding Center, who had been in Bradley Beach to pick up a different, injured seal, came to Ocean Grove to pick up this seal (pictured) and took him to an unpopulated beach so he could rest undisturbed.

The poor thing was exhausted from swimming north in rough water but his health is fine. So he was left, free from the curiosity and 'help' of beach-goers and their dogs. Charlotte says the big hero of this story is Michele from the Marine Mammal Stranding Center, a volunteer who happens to live in Ocean Grove, who took charge.

As Charlotte describes it, the Center experts wrapped the loudly-complaining seal into a 'large fabric taco', then slipped him artfully into a giant-size pet-carrier. (I must remember to seek their advice the next time my cat needs to get to the vet's for a shot, lol!)

Charlotte Pritchard is an amazing photographer, to say the least. She also shared THIS AMAZING DOLPHIN PHOTO from Ocean Grove last week.

To report a stranded seal or to follow along with the photos from seals on the beaches and how they faired, CLICK HERE!

(Photo by Moe Keane)

Also, let's give an honorable mention to Moe Keane, who used her cell phone to share a beautiful ocean sunrise photo from Easter Sunday morning in Ocean Grove. Thanks, Moe!


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