In 2016, Marlboro Mayor Jonathan Hornik introduced a thin blue line painted on the road at the Municipal Complex.

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The 'Thin Blue Line', painted in between the yellow lines on the road leading to Town Hall and the Police Department is a reminder to every visitor that police officers are integral to the safety and operation of the community. The Mayor said:

It is small way to express our thanks and appreciation for the job they do.

Chief Bruce Hall said in the press release:

The visible sign of support each time they come to work will mean a lot to the Officers.

The blue line modeled after the blue line on the American flags honoring fallen officers.

With local law enforcement under close eye following the George Floyd tragedy, some locals want the thin blue line removed in Marlboro.

Julie Tro has started a petition at in support of not only keeping the blue line but to have it repainted. On the page, Julie states:

Marlboro currently has a blue line in support of Law Enforcement at the entrance of the police dept.  Some are asking for it [to] be removed.  Please sign the Petition requesting Marlboro not only KEEP the existing line but also REPAINT it. Private donors will pay for the paint and the man hours to complete the task.

Support our brothers & sisters in blue!

As of this writing, there are just over 1,800 signatures.

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