If you don't relate to some if not all of this song, you aren't truly from the 732.

Nico Araco and Kyle Wolf make up the 'The Empire Project.' The Matawan High School graduates nailed life at the Jersey Shore with "Garden State of Mind." They wrote and released the song in 2016, but has gone viral again this week.

When you watch you will spot Asbury Park, Seaside Heights, and many other hotspots.

These friends were able to nail our lives in a three and a half minute song with lyrics like:

"You drive to slow on the Parkway you get the birdie, the limits 65 why you doin' 30?"

"Put your hands in the air if you pump your fists and not your gas."

This is the ultimate Jersey Shore anthem and we're glad Nico and Kyle are "keeping their feet planted in the 732."

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