Scientists made an alarming prediction for the Jersey Shore this week.

The nonprofit Union of Concerned Scientists believes that towns like Atlantic city will be "uninhabitable" by 2100 due to rising sea levels. Better get that trip to Resorts in.

Atlantic City made the scientist's list of cities at risk of being underwater within 60-years at number three.

Hoboken is number two with predictions that nearly 50% of the city's land will be uninhabitable by 2060, and 71% by 2100.

So, how did the Union of Concerned Scientists come to this conclusion? A study was conducted that identified coastal communities in the U.S. where the largest number of residents live in properties that are projected to face the highest level of chronic flooding by 2060.
They also reviewed the number of properties and the total value of properties that are exposed to "high flood risk." The Union for Concerned Scientists is expecting a 6.6-foot rise in sea level by 2100.

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