All need to read this but if you attended a big gathering in Point Pleasant beach yesterday, then you especially need to keep reading.

The 'Stay At Home' order was lifted in New Jersey and as a result, crowds flocked to the Point Pleasant Beach boardwalk for a celebration.

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However, the "celebration" quickly spiraled out of control and the police were forced to intervene. It was so bad that officers from neighboring towns had to be brought into the mix to get control of the situation.

Naturally, Mayor Paul Kanitra is not happy and he did not hide his feelings in the video message he posted to Facebook earlier today about what had transpired the night before.

Watch it.

It is pretty disturbing when you listen to what Mayor Kanitra says occurred.

He says that garbage is all over town, people were drinking and smoking weed in public, changing in front yards and urinating in bushes.

Are you kidding me?! First of all, who do you think you are to come and treat our Jersey Shore town like that?!?!

But, I don't even need to rant all that much because Mayor Kanitra pretty much hit the nail on the head.

This is Mayor Kanitra's main message in response to last night's events:

"Anyone who is disrespectful to Point Pleasant Beach or its residents will be given an expensive ticket as a souvenir."

Starting June 20th, there will be 30 additional seasonal police officers whose main focus will be quality of life and enforcement of the issues explained above.

Mayor Kanitra is also asking that if you see something, to call the police immediately instead of posting it to social media. The only way to teach a lesson is to catch people in the act.

I genuinely hope this does not become the theme of this upcoming summer.

If things like this keep up, whatever type of summer that we have left is going to quickly go right out the window.

Treat the Jersey Shore with respect. It is that simple.

If not, you will be hearing from me and other officials again.

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