As information and reported evidence continues to be collected into the hazing and sexual assault allegations involving the Wall Township High School football team, the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office is taking full control of the investigations.

Acting Monmouth County Prosecutor Lori Linskey announced Tuesday afternoon that several prosecutors and detectives within the MCPO have been assigned to the multiple and separate ongoing criminal investigations into the hazing as well as unrelated sexual assault allegations involving juveniles that occurred off of school grounds.

Wall Police had been working with the MCPO as information and allegations came to light and up through today but Acting Prosecutor Linskey explained that the department has now been asked off the case "out of an abundance of caution, and in order to avoid any appearance of impropriety and to protect the integrity of the investigations."

There are no charges being announced at this time with investigations still ongoing and multiple law enforcement officers gathering information and reported evidence in the case and as such, the MCPO said that no specific information about the ongoing investigations can be released at this time as the cases involve juveniles.

Acting Prosecutor Linskey further explained that while they will issue information as it can be made available from their investigations, there are "strict confidentiality requirements of juvenile matters."

They will issue the facts and in the meantime "urges against the spread of misinformation and rumor, both online and otherwise."

“As these investigations unfold, we remain fully aware of the intense focus and unique pressure a national media spotlight has placed on the Wall Township High School community, and are sensitive to safeguarding the mental health and general well-being of students while simultaneously serving the interests of justice,” Acting Prosecutor Linskey said in a statement. “We are conducting these investigations with the utmost diligence, dedicating every necessary resource in order to uncover the entire truth, and this process will be thorough, fair, and unbiased from beginning to end.”

News 12 New Jersey's Jim Murdoch reported earlier this month, citing a witness whose seen it, that there is a video involving a group of students threatening each other and it got to the point where one player was then allegedly sexually assaulted inside the locker room. then reported that a couple of parents informed them the alleged incident involved a broomstick or mop with six of the upper class-man trying to pin down a lower class-man with others in the room trying to urge them to stop.

Our Townsquare Media News sister station, NJ 101.5, learned that a player on the team had been charged in an unrelated sexual assault incident off school grounds.

Several coaches, who are also teachers, involved with the football program were also placed on administrative leave, according to News 12 New Jersey and confirmed by the NJEA.

The NJSIAA South Jersey Group 3 playoff game against Delsea was postponed/cancelled right away and then earlier today the Crimson Knights game against rival Manasquan set for Thanksgiving was canceled as well, as reported by Bob Badders with our Shore Sports Network.

The Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office continues to look into the allegations and review all evidence and information.

If you or anyone you know has video or other evidence of what allegedly happened, you're urged to contact MCPO Detective Jose Rodriguez at (732) 431-7160, extension 7172.

As always, you can submit tips and information to Monmouth County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-671-4400 or via the P3 Tips mobile app or at

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