This is what matters in life. I am thankful I get to share this story on a digital platform that will be seen by many people.

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In a world that has been divided by so much negativity, positivity has shone through at Wall High School...

Thanks to Autism Speaks, here's the story:

Meet Warren: “My son Warren was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2. He is a bright kid but loses focus every so often. He tends to flap his arms and jump when excited or overwhelmed. He speaks in a monotoned voice and sometimes talks to himself, he can not hold a steady conversation or eye contact for long.
As a parent, I always feared kids would not accept him especially once he got to high school. He is currently a senior and a few weeks ago we found out he was nominated for homecoming court. Once I heard this, my heart absolutely melted as I learned a group of senior kids nominated him to be class king. Warren was so excited, he himself couldn’t believe so many of his classmates knew him to nominate him! I helped him produce a ‘vote for me’ video and the following week the school kids voted at school. Every day that week, Warren came home smiling, telling me people stopped him in the hall to tell him they are voting for him. My heart grew each day, secretly hoping he would win but in reality, was just happy he was socializing more with his peers from this experience.

On the day of the school pep rally, they announced all the kids in the court, he came home gushing with excitement, ‘mom, I had the loudest cheer when they announced my name.’ As he beamed, I was beaming knowing my awkward autistic son is getting positive attention and loving it! That evening, at the homecoming football game, my husband and I nervously watched as they announced all the nominees at halftime. Finally, the king was announced, and he did it, Warren was voted class of 2022 class king!!! Everyone there was in tears, especially teachers and parents who knew him. An autistic kid, who is obviously different, was not only accepted by his peers but embraced by them to represent their 2022 class. The seniors stole my heart that evening, a great group of kids made a huge impact on one very special kid.” ~Krissy

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Congratulations Warren, well deserved! Enjoy being the King of Wall High School!

Thank you to Autism Speaks for sharing the story!

All around, fantastic comradery from the students, teachers, faculty, and parents of Wall High School. This moment will be remembered for a very long time. A positive story like this goes a long way!

See Warren celebrating below...

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