If you do not know the line, "Today is October 3rd" and its significance, I am not sure that we can be friends.

While today is not the anniversary that the movie Mean Girls was released, October 3rd is a very important date to be remembered regarding the chick flick.

However, Tina Fey's movie was so much more than a movie perfect for a girls night. While everyone will know these memorable quotes, they actually taught some very important lessons. So take a look.

1. "That is so fetch"

Unfortunately, one of the main lessons of this movie highlights exactly what you should not be looking for in a friend. As much as we all laugh about this catchy slogan, Regina stops Gretchen in her tracks of marking this catchy phrase, or anything for that matter, as her own so she could be secured as her side kick and only that.

2. "So you agree. You think you're really pretty."

Regina compliments Cady. Cady says thank you--as she should-- and Regina challenges her on that. It's almost as if Cady is expected to deny and downplay the strengths she has going for her to accommodate the other women around her.

3. "How many of you have been personally victimized by Regina George?"

This one is pretty straight up--words can hurt. Regina tormented everyone in that school, even her teachers and principle, which is obviously a big "no no." Regina's character is made to be so extreme to show that even the small hateful things you say to different people can definitely add up and have an impact.

4. "My hairline is so weird."

The plastics sit in front of a mirror and decide to point out any minor flaw that they find with their physical appearance which opens up a whole new world for Cady. This is another instance where Tina Fey turns a situation completely extreme to make a point, but the odd part is that this part is not that extreme at all. Cady only begins obsessing over her appearance once it is pointed out to her. I know I have found myself obsessing over the tiniest details over myself once pointed out when in all reality, it is not healthy and should have been left alone.

5. "You can't sit with us!"

Ah...another Mean Girls quote that I know I have used in everyday life as a joke but the underlying meaning is no joke at all. The plastics were a group of "friends" that supposedly lived by girl code for years. And yet, a pair of sweat pants is what ends up ultimately breaking this bond. The lesson? Do not stick with the "popular" group for the perks because the friendship will crumble since there was no real substance to begin with.

6. "Cady, will you please tell him his hair looks sexy pushed back?"

And one of the biggest lessons of the movie: women could run the world if we were not too busy fighting each other -- especially over guys! Imagine how much Regina and Cady could have accomplished their Junior year of high school had they not been focused on Aaron Samuels and taking each other down as a result?

7. "I have this theory that if you cut all her hair, she would look like a British man."

By this point, Cady was hard core plastic and consumed with talking about her take down of Regina. Proceed with caution, ladies, because getting revenge on someone could easily mean that it takes over everything that you are. Side effects of revenge can include lying, backstabbing, and of course, word vomit.

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