Claire Antonucci joins us each Friday morning for our Asbury Park Boardwalk shows to talk about ocean creatures. Here's why Claire knows so much:

Claire is the Executive Director and Director of Education at the NJ Sea Grant Consortium in Sandy Hook. NJ Sea Grant is a non-profit group dedicated to our Jersey Shore coastline.

Since 1994, Claire has applied her creativity and expertise towards developing and implementing innovative marine and coastal programs, including Ocean Fun Days, and Break the Grip of the Rip.

In addition to supervising NJSGC's overall operation (including its research, education, outreach and communications efforts) Clair has also been the Director of the NOAA/National Sea Grant College Program in NJ since 2009!

What a smartie-pants you are, Claire!

Claire has such a flair (see the rhyme I made, lol?!) for the way she can tell a story about the creatures of our sea, and we really appreciate having her join our show when we broadcast from the beach. Thanks for all you are teaching us, Claire!

For more about NJ Sea Grant, CLICK HERE!

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