Check out the photos of some of our guests! Then, stop by and see if you make it into next week's photo blog!

Each Friday this summer we do our show live from the Asbury Boardwalk (near Silverball Arcade) from 5:30 - 10 am and we have so much fun. You never know who will stop by! And check out the glorious sunrise!

(Loyal Listener Lisa Cottrell captured this one!)
(Mom and son loyal listeners, photo by liz jeressi)
(Don Walsh's book is Teach the Beach to help your kids swim safely, TSM photo)
(Sallie Williams from The Brodie Fund, TSM photo)
(Hoagitos brings breakfast! Photo by Liz Jeressi)
(Wendy's Drops Off iced tea, photo by liz jeressi)
(Silhouette of our outdoor studio with an amazing sunrise, photo by Liz Jeressi)