This is Fivo, and if your kids spot him, they are in for a treat!

Here's a great lesson in reminding your children how much GOOD the police do in our communities because this is definitely something wonderful!

The Long Branch PD came up with an inventive campaign this month, featuring Fivo, their elf doll.

Fivo gets to go out on patrol (in this photo, he is with Officer Vecchione).

Anyone who spots Fivo while he is out on patrol will get a candy cane!

(Fivo, LBPD)
(Fivo, LBPD)

So who is this elf? Well, he arrived last weekend all the way from the North Pole. He's a big supporter of the Blue and plans to visit LBPD for the entire month of December. The cops will show him around the police department and the city and teach Fivo as much as they can about the LBPD and its officers.

Fivo promises to learn as much as he can in his short visit, while spreading some holiday cheer and magic.

So keep an eye out all this month to see what Fivo is up to!

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