We're tough as nails here at the Jersey Shore and weather doesn’t keep us down for long but that doesn’t mean we want to deal with snow longer than we have to. In fact, we should be seeing some more snow today and Saturday and I want you to be ready. Here are some snow life hacks so good I couldn't keep them to myself:
1. Give your car door a bath: If your door is frozen shut all you have to do is bring some warm water to the door, pour it over the stuck spots and quickly open. Voila! You’re in! Don’t use boiling water though that’s overkill and could damage your paint.
2. Tuck your car in at night: This is real and it works. Just put a throw blanket on your windshield overnight to prevent having to scrape in the morning. It looks a little weird but it slips right off no scraper required.  I hear you can also spray some WD40 on your windows then wipe it in with a cloth to make the snow and ice slip off.
3. Meet Mega Shovel: I saved my best snow hack for last! I swear by my homemade mega shovel. The best part is, you probably already have one yourself! Get that old folding card table, fold it in half or if you’re a show off open it all the way. Then I recommend angling mega shovel toward you by about 30 degrees. Then, just push the show to the side and tilt the table upright to create a nice and neat packed wall of snow. I did it myself and I was able to shovel off my driveway 10X faster!

If you’re like me, and you have a touch of OCD, you're going to love this because you get a perfectly clean line every time! The trick with this hack being successful is not loading up mega shovel too much to push. I suggest you shovel about every two inches of snowfall to keep up with the storm. Trying this when we already have a foot of snow means you would have to be the Hulk to get it across your driveway. This hack is also nice for anyone with back issues because you are pushing the snow, not lifting and twisting to dump it. I made a video for you lovelies here:

Now that you have all this free time, kick up your feet and enjoy some hot chocolate!

xo Shannon

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