I would say New Jersey is rather unique....especially when it comes to our town names.

I am born and raised in New Jersey and I am STILL messing up town pronunciations. (I know. I need to pull it together.)

So, just to clear a few things up for ALL of us....here are some very commonly mispronounced towns at the Jersey Shore.


This one just has so many A's so I totally get the confusion.

So how is it actually pronounced? Ma-NAL-a-pin (not man-a-LA-pin)

Forked River

This one looks pretty straight forward. But ... it's not.

So how is it actually pronounced? Fork-EHD River. We know ... weird.


Is it AYE-von or is it AH-von?

So how is it actually pronounced? Local and town officials will tell you it is definitely AH-von.


This one may have some people overthinking, but it is really quite simple.

So how is it actually pronounced? MAN-tah-LO-king ... see? Easy.

Are there any others that we missed? Let us know and we will add it to the list because I would definitely categorize this information in the "Need To Know" category.

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