Steve and Shanti Mignogna, owners of Asbury Park favorite Talula are adding to the dining options with their new space at 601 Madison Avenue. Get ready for Modine

Located in the legendary Post Building, Modine is taking over Fish restaurant. The new crew told New Jersey Monthly that they've basically gutted the space to make it "bright and airy." They've stripped everything down to the original foundation.

Now let's talk about what we're all really interested in, the food!

When you walk in Modine, the goal will be for you to taste Southern Coast cuisine.

In the kitchen will be Chef Jill Meerpohl and her husband Chris Davin. Jill's grandmother, a master of coastal Virginia cooking, also gave the new eatery its name. Her middle name was Modine.

Chef Jill Meerpohl today NJ Monthly:

There’s a certain style of food in the South, a way of entertaining and even just daily dining that speaks to refinement. The table becomes a special experience. That’s what we want to do.

Bottom line, expect a dining option that Asbury Park hasn't seen. Southern classics, some twists on those classics, desserts that sound like they're to die for (if you like layer cake, you'll be a happy camper) and a cocktail selection that will leave Asbury talking.

Plus, if you don't have time to sit down, there will be a take-out section and lunch counter in the back of Modine's massive kitchen.

Modine is expected to open in mid-December. I wish them the best of luck and extend a big welcome to Asbury!

Oh, by the way, Modine is hiring!

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