It's always inspiring and great to see people helping people, people doing something for others out of the kindness of their hearts with no strings attached or feeling obligated to do so.

When we have the heart of a child or youth, many great deeds can happen.

In Monmouth County this week, a Morganville student, Devin Motani, dedicated his Eagle Scout project to the fallen K-9's and Law Enforcement Community giving of himself to others and recognizing the heroes who keep us safe.

(Photo Courtesy: The Monmouth County Sheriff's Office/Cynthia Scott)
(Photo Courtesy: The Monmouth County Sheriff's Office/Cynthia Scott)

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What is the Eagle Scout project?

A life-size K-9 memorial sculpture that is above a 17,000 pound concrete base outside of the Monmouth County Police Academy.

The Monmouth County Sheriff's Office along with the MC Prosecutors Office and other agencies hosted a dedication event this week announcing and unveiling the sculpture project.

It means a great deal to all of them, that this young man worked hard to honor the Law Enforcement community.

“When Devin approached the Monmouth County Police Academy with his idea, we were touched that he chose to take on a tremendous project to honor the sacrifice and service of all K-9s who risk their lives to protect the public,” Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden said in a statement. “The project was met with some challenges. Devin had to raise a large sum of money and overcome quite a few obstacles during the pandemic, but he was determined to make it work and complete this incredible endeavor. We are proud of Devin’s exceptional efforts and dedication to the law enforcement community.”

Devin Motani is a Boy Scout from Troop 101 in the Morganville section of Marlboro and his Dad is a police officer in Howell Township.

He wanted to do something big to pay the respect to those who keep us safe from Law Enforcement Officers to K-9's, some of whom have made the ultimate sacrifice.

“It is amazing to see the added value that these animals bring to the general public, as well as military and law enforcement agencies around the world. However, I feel they are not always memorialized as well as they should be. K-9s put their lives on the line just like police officers do, which is why they deserve to be respectfully memorialized and remembered forever, through the construction of this project,” Devin Motani said in a statement.

This has been something Devin's been working on for a couple years, approaching Sheriff Golden and staff at the MCPA in 2019 and then worked with peers, family, law enforcement, NJ Gravel & Sand and NJ Monument Company --  all through the pandemic on a mission to complete the project and earn his Eagle Scout badge.

His GoFundMe page raised $22,575 helping offset the cost of the project which ran up to $30,015.

Devin received a boost along the 322 hours of service as well, from 28 individuals.

The memorial outside of the Monmouth County Police Academy is just across the parking lot to the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office memorial for K-9 Solo, who is "a German Shepherd who was shot and killed during an attempted apprehension of an individual who was barricaded inside a home in 1998. Solo saved his partner, the responding sheriff’s officer’s life."

Devin Motani Eagle Scout Project

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