New Jersey Family has released its list of "New Jersey’s "Best Towns for Families." Let's break down how Monmouth and Ocean fared. 

First, how did New Jersey Family decide which towns are more family-friendly than others? According to the publisher, they took into account:

  • high school performance
  • safety
  • affordability
  • commute time

Other "family factors" were applied as well.

Statewide, Hunterdon County's Clinton topped the list. Unfortunately, Asbury Park was at the bottom of the list of 511 New Jersey towns.

Not surprisingly, Fair Haven was named Monmouth County's most family-friendly town. In Ocean County, Pt. Pleasant got the honor.

Now, before we take this list too seriously, New Jersey Family claims that Camden and Newark are more "family-friendly" than Bradley Beach, which was second to last on the rundown of New Jersey towns!

All the data in the world isn't going to get me to buy that.

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