If you regularly visit Monmouth Park, it is in your best interest to continue reading....

According to APP.com, Monmouth Park has recently had to change some of their rules after the New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Consumption, "fined the track $1,000 and threatened to suspend its liquor license to crack down on underage drinking."

The public was not notified of the new changes before going to the park this past weekend and it has sparked quite an outrage.

So to avoid any further conflicts, take a look at the rules below:

1. Those that can prove they are 21 years and older will be given a wristband so it is blatantly obvious if someone underage is drinking an alcohol beverage.

2. Coolers are now only allowed in the picnic area and will be strictly enforced. There are signs that explicitly states where the BYOB portion of the track ends.

3. All coolers can be inspected if Monmouth Park staff deems it necessary.

4. Coolers can no longer be brought in through the Main Gate. Instead, bring your coolers through the Grandstand Train Gate or the Picnic Area Gate.

5. *BIGGEST RULE CHANGE* Only coolers that are 30 in long by 15 inches wide or smaller will be allowed into the track. You may bring food, wine, and beer but hard liquor and glass bottles are no longer permitted.

Hint: If you have a cooler, park in the Grandstand Preferred Parking lot because it is closest to all of the areas that your coolers are allowed.

If these rules make you uncomfortable to bring your own cooler, there is food and alcohol beverages for sale inside the park!

Take a look at the original article and menu prices at APP.com.

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