Historically, there have been many infamous crimes committed here in the Garden State, but according to a report from a major website, this one is the most infamous in New Jersey history.

It would stand to reason that the first infamous New Jersey crime that might come to your mind is something that happened the closest to where you were living in the Garden State at the time, and over the years, there have unfortunately been horrible crimes committed in every corner of New Jersey.

When Was New Jersey's Most Infamous Crime Committed?

The crime that has been named in this article as the most infamous in New Jersey happened in 1971.

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Some of the crimes that have happened in our state are too gruesome to even contemplate, but they are very numerous, including the heartbreaking stories of Sarah Stern, Stephanie Parze, and the Kologi family. And, of course, there is the Lindbergh baby.

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Each of these crimes, and so many others have rocked New Jersey residents to our core, but according to 24/7 Tempo, the most infamous crime to occur in New Jersey took place back in 1971.

This Has Been Chosen As New Jersey's Most Infamous Crime

They have chosen the John List murders as the most infamous crime in New Jersey history. And the details of these killings are chilling.

According to the article, List lost his job as an accountant, and rather than tell them the news he was so ashamed of, he murdered his family. List killed his wife and three children as well as his mother. The murders occurred in Westfield.

List wasn't captured for nearly 20 years, but was finally arrested after his photo was shown on "America's Most Wanted".  List died in 2008 while in prison.

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