I still argue that there is no state per square mile that packs more talent in it than New Jersey, and if you need proof, "The Ultimate List Of Movies You Can't Stop Watching Starring New Jersey Actors" will absolutely convince you.

There are dozens of performers to choose from with strong Garden State ties, but when we evaluated the actors and actresses, the roles they played, the success of the movies they were in, and the staying power each of the movies has had over the years, we narrowed it down to 25 movies.

And the list of actors and actresses narrowed during our research to the best of the best. So we wound up with nearly a dozen actors and actresses, meaning there are multiple movies on the list for each.

We had a ton of fun putting this together, and it's meant to celebrate all the great talent we have in the Garden State. Certainly, there are going to be many of you who think we left something off the list that should have been on it or vice versa, and you're probably right.

And let's throw in here the fact that I am an action/suspense junkie, so this list may be a little light in the romance category, and I apologize for that. But, I do think there is something for everyone on the list. And I know you've probably seen them all more than once.

Check it out, enjoy it, and let's all celebrate some of New Jersey's most talented performers!

25 Greatest Movies You Can't Stop Watching Starring New Jersey Actors

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