Are you really surprised that people are fleeing from New Jersey by the boatload?

For the third year in a row, New Jersey has ranked #1 for having the most people move out of state.

And coming in at second is.....*drum roll please*.....New York!

According to studies, 60% of all moves in the Northeast were headed outside of state borders. Yikes.

And only 31% of moves were people coming to good ol' New Jersey.

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Now for 2020, one thing that can explain this trend is the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are one of the most heavily populated states in the entire country which can be a major negative when a highly contagious virus is going around.

Officials are hoping this moving trend will subside a bit once the pandemic passes but this is our third year at the top of this list (was it something we said?) so I am not all that confident it will happen.

The cost of living in New Jersey is astronomical compared to other areas of the United States and when you factor in taxes....FORGET ABOUT IT.

But here is how I look at this.....

New Jersey and New  York are places that you go to when you are looking to get started and are ready to try and fulfill a dream of yours.

New Jersey has access to New York and Philadelphia which gives residents the opportunity to pursue just about any career they desire. And for most careers, these are the cities you want to live in to be successful.

So no, the set up of New Jersey and New York are not exactly keen for someone looking to retire.

You come to New Jersey. You hustle. You don't have to pump your own gas. And then when you are ready, you move down south to a much simpler life.

Take a look at HERE, HERE and HERE to take a look at the original sources of this article.

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