I've lived in Jersey my entire life, so we're talking 30-plus years.

Taking that into consideration, I may be a little biased, but New Jersey is the best state to live in.

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Armpit of America? Think again.

Sure there are areas of the Garden State that aren't desirable.

Quite frankly, some are downright dangerous.

Let's be honest for a second. Isn't this the case for every state, though?

New Jersey has it all. Beautiful beaches for miles, mountains for climbing and skiing, pinelands to get lost in.


If you got that reference we can be friends.

Art, history, culture, we've got it all right here in this tightly packed tiny state.

Once you get away from the Parkway traffic, and crowds there are some truly hidden gems here in Jersey.

In typical, NJ style, many may be annoyed with me for revealing these spots because they enjoy a place in the state where there isn't a steady stream of people or traffic.

Sorry. These towns are too cool not to share with all.

You will have heard of some of these spots before. Maybe in the past, you've made a mental note to visit them.

Others will be brand new.

But, just because you've never heard of a town, don't think it's not worth this visit.

Think of it as an adventure.

We all get trapped in our bubble. Wake up, drive to work, drive home, sleep, repeat.

It's time to do some exploring and these towns are just too amazing to not visit at least once.

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