The Garden State is chock full of charming towns. We are literally like a living post card, with picturesque waterfront tows and inland downtowns. So if someone told you there are two charming New Jersey towns you've never heard of but should visit, do you think you can name them?

Photo by Ivy Barn on Unsplash
Photo by Ivy Barn on Unsplash

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Obviously, it would be hard to lock in on towns we locals have never heard of, but if a national publication was providing the information to out-of-towners, which two towns do you think they would spotlight in this category?

Let me give you a hint. Both of these towns are absolutely charming, but one of them seems to be a far cry from unknown. Let's see what you think.

The list of '65 Charming US Towns You Haven't Heard Of But Must Visit ASAP' was put out by House Beautiful, and here are the two Garden State towns that made the list.

Frenchtown. We love this choice because this is a really charming little Hunterdon County town with great things to do and visit. And it probably does fit the bill of a town most people have never heard of.

The second town listed made us take pause. Not because it isn't charming. As a matter of fact it's among the most charming towns on the planet. But a place you've never heard of? Really?

Cape May. The charm is world class, the buildings are beautiful and the beach is amazing. It's the most adorable place to shop and eat and stroll around, possibly on the planet. But one thing Cape May is not is a place you've never heard of.

I thought everyone has heard of it and loves it. But if not, get ready for some brand new tourists, and that's a good thing.

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